Higher school of cosmetic and medicine is in Lodz

General Information

  • Among the scientific staff of the university about 50 teachers, instructors leading practical exercises and lessons on foreign languages.
  • The only university in Poland, which holds 622 hours of classes on cosmetology training on a stationary, as well as 439 hours on distance learning, which is several times higher than the number of hours provided for in other universities training programs.


  • Graduate School of cosmetics and medicine in Lodz received the Erasmus card enabling institution to participate in the program "Lifelong learning Erasmus" ERASMUS: Practice in the firm in the country of the European Union. at least 3 months. Students can get a scholarship to the practice of approximately 450 euros per month.
  • Students can get a scholarship:
  1.  Socialist scholarship;
  2.  Special grants for disabled;
  3.  Rector's Scholarship. Applications for scholarships must be submitted before October 20


Persons who have a minimum of 5 years experience in the profession of a cosmetologist can get a bachelor's degree in the direction of "BEAUTY" learning less than 3 years.


School launches set to study a Masters (full-time and correspondence courses) in "Beauty" on the basis of the decision of the Polish Accreditation Commission.


Bachelor - 3 years. Language of education - Polish.

Department Form of Education Cost per semestr
Laser therapy Full-time 2400 zl
Make-up and styling
Spa & wellness Part-time 2580 zl