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    Work&Travel Poland it's wonderful opportunity to spend the summer fun in a European country and also earn good money. A picturesque seaside town where you can get work will give you the opportunity to combine work with leisure and traveling. This time in Poland can become amazing for you and leave a wonderful impression in your memory!


    Unique opportunity for program participants:

  •   Learn more about history, culture and life in Poland;
  •   Travel aroud the country and visiting attractions;
  •   Improve the knowledges of the Polish language with native speakers;
  •   Make new friends;
  •   Get experience of independent life;
  •   Get the official employment and work experience in another country;
  •   Get work experience in the field of agriculture;
  •   The possibility of stable earnings.


    Duration of the program:

  • may – september (you can work even till october, if you want) this year.

    Working conditions:

  •  Employment in agriculture (collection and sorting of seasonal berries, fruits, vegetables);
  •  Experience is not required;
  •  Schedule: sets the employer (an average 40 working hours per week, 1 day off).The employer has the right to increase or decrease the number of working hours (due to weather conditions, profitability, etc.);
  •  Salary: an average 300-500 euros per month;
  •  Accommodation: provides employer, cost - 5PLN  per day;
  •  Meals: by yourself.

    Requirements for candidates:

  •  Age: 19-55 years;
  •  Ukrainian citizenship;
  •  Full-time students and part-time students (universities, colleges, technical schools), and also graduates!

    Documents for participation and registration:

  •   A copy of the Ukrainian passport(page 1-2, residence);
  •   A copy of the identification code;
  •   A copy of the passport;
  •   A copy of the student card (if applicable);

  Steps of the Work and Travel Poland program:

  1.   The signing of the contract for providing services. Pay half of the cost for participation in the program.
  2.   Approval participant candidates for the position;
  3.   Get advice on the preparation of a full package of documents for opening a working visa to Poland;
  4.   Submission of documents to the visa center of the Polish Embassy (by yourself);
  5.   Payment the second part of the program;
  6.   Getting a visa by yourself;
  7.   Getting information sheet: job description, working conditions, contact the employer;
  8.   Payment of transportation costs;
  9.   Transportation (bus, train) to the place of work in Poland;
  10.   Beginning of work;
  11.   Transportation Poland - Ukraine by the end of the program.

    Cost of the program:

  • 2 000 - 4 000 UAH.

    Included in the price:

  •   Consulting and information support at each stage of the program;
  •   Providing health insurance;
  •   Consulting support for obtaining a visa;
  •   Providing work invitation and Polish SIM-card for constant communication with you;
  •   Consulting services in organization of the transfer;
  •   Information support during your stay in Poland.

    Additional charges:

  •   Consular fee2;
  •   Transfer Ukraine-Poland-Ukraine.



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