It's no secret that a scholarship can receive not only Poles, but also Ukrainians, students in Polish universities! Scholarships come in many types and each student can choose the option that will suit him personally!


Consider some types of scholarships that are available to Ukrainians on admission or transfer to a Polish university.


  1. Firstly, a huge variety of scholarship programs offer Ukrainian students who own cards Pole (ie equal to the citizens of Poland). For example, the Rector's Scholarship universities, the scholarship of the Minister of Education, etc. - can be supplied all students with high average achievement ball and the card of the Pole.
  2. Secondly, scholarships for academic success! These scholarships provide both within the institution (for example, "Leader Academy" in Economics Academy, Radom) and national funds European countries (eg the Visegrad Scholarship Programme). Basic requirements: the average score on the results of the 1st semester must be higher than 4.5 (on a 5-point scale) and excellent knowledge of the Polish language.
  3. Third, social scholarships - for students from low-income families and persons with disabilities. Social scholarships are also given to students who deserve, that is, among other conditions need to be familiar with the Polish language and have an excellent academic performance in the subjects.
  4. And also athletic scholarships - only for his outstanding achievements in sports (prizes in national, European championships, Olympics).
  5. There are also scholarships for scientific achievement, for his contribution to the development of cities and regions in Poland, a significant contribution to the development of science, culture and other areas. The most famous such scholarship programs this Scholarship. Stanislaw Grabski, them. Queen Jadwiga, them. Banach, Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Bogdan Lysyak and others.
  6. Common are also scholarships to European universities and other governments. Here it can be mentioned the Visegrad Scholarship Program, as well as French and German Governments, Urban Scholarship Program of the President of the City of Lublin, and others.


Scholarships Poland start from 150 and to 700 Euro per month (depending on the type of grant program). This allows not only to have a monthly income, but also completely cover the housing costs and food in Poland.

The ability to get a scholarship now have not only the state university students, but private! One of the most popular private universities among foreigners - Vistula for the first time announced a competition for the opportunity to study free of charge and receive a scholarship, and more! Details by clicking on the link


Most popular scholarship program offers University of Economics in Katowice, at what scholarship offer Ukrainian students, both undergraduate (13 000 euros), and the Masters (10 000 euros)! Scholarship ranges from 300 to 1,000 zlotys per month (depending on the average score). Also a large selection of scholarships and grants offers Lublin University of Technology, from government grants, social and ending with a unique opportunity to get a scholarship to the educational level of Master's in finance, art, management and control of the Government of France (Polish-French language of instruction). West Pomeranian University of Technology offers the opportunity to receive scholarships from the Government of Germany (DAAD) and Japan (Volcano scholarship program).


Scholarship programs, foundations and universities have a number of requirements for applicants and these requirements may vary, but it is possible to identify the main requirements for wishing to obtain a scholarship to the Polish high school:

  • the presence of Polish Card (if you are applying for a scholarship of the Polish government, etc., providing the presence of the card.);
  • proficiency in the Polish language (confirmed by the certificate or the results of the state certification exams for Polish);
  • High GPA certificate / diploma, as a rule from 4.5 (on a 5-point scale);
  • diplomas, certificates, medals, confirming an active social, sports activities, as well as participation in a social institution / school life.


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