» I have a foreign passport, how can I go to work in Poland, and for how long can I stay there?

If you have a foreign passport - we prepare all necessary documents and translations to obtain work permit for an initial period up to 180 days (6 months), on the basis of which the Polish consulate gives you a work visa Class D: (180/360)

With a visa-free regime, you can also go on a program for visa-free travel.
In Poland you can work up to 6 months on the basis of a visa and a work permit document. At the end of this period (6 months), if you have proven yourself well, you will get a work permit and one year visa with the possibility of extending it to three years.


» How do I sign a contract in Poland?
Upon arrival in Poland, you sign a contract, (Contract Types: Umowa o prace, Umowa zlecenia or Umowa o dzielo), which should contain such items:

  • data zawarcia umowy - date of signing the contract;
  • okreslenie rodzaju umowy - What is the term of the contract is signed 6 months or more (unlimited);
  • okreslenie stron umowy - Between you and employer;
  • okreslenie rodzaju pracy - Responsibilities (what you do at work);
  • okreslenie czasu pracy - How many hours per day you are required to work;
  • okreslenie wynagrodzenia - How much you will be paid per hour of work;
  • okreslenie miejsca pracy - Address of your work activity.


» How will I get salary?
The salary is paid to your bank card of the Polish bank PKO, WBK and other banks in Poland from 10th to 15th day of the month - the conditions specified in your your contract (Umowa o prace, Umowa zlecenia or Umowa o dzielo).


» I want to go with my girlfriend and friends for the program, could we work together?
Yes, you can. You will get the same job, and also, you will be accommodated together in one room. The more friends you collect the better your program will be.


» How much money do I need for a month on food in Poland?
We recommend you to take 100 euros per person for a month on food. This will be enough, provided that you will eat not only sandwiches, but also you will be able to cook. There is an equipment for cooking in any places you will live. Also, we recommend you to view prices in grocery stores, such as «Carrefour» and «Biedronka». In order to see the price on the store's website, click on the label (Zobacz gazetke), is represented by the price catalog, as well as discounts on products.


» What do I need to do when the six-month visa will over?
You can get a personal permit to work from one year to three years, on the basis of which the working annual visa 360/360 is made, with the preservation of the workplace. That is, you should go back to Ukraine to get a new visa. If you need any consultation for getting a new visa, you can contact, you can contact us for any questions, as well as for advice on visa issues. For deserving employees at the end of the semi-annual visas, we сan help you to make the temporary residence card (KARTA POBYTU), or obtaining a residence permit, and after - EU citizenship.


» Can I qualify for a salary increase after a few months I worked in Poland?  

Yes, you can! Participants who show themselves well at work, do not skip, diligent and attentive to their work, can claim on an individual salary increases.


» Can I work in Poland for another visa category "C" or without visa?
You have the right to work in Poland strictly on a working visa of category "D" up to 180 working days. For other categories of visas (Schengen "C"), you are not entitled to work in Poland. According to the biometric passport you have the right to go under the Work and Travel Poland program and work but no more than 90 days. It is also necessary to have a working invitation and other documents required for participation in the program on the conditions of visa-free regime.


» What categories of citizens may enter to the territory of the EU without a visa?
No visas will be able to enter only those citizens of Ukraine, who travel to the EU as tourists, to study *, business trips, etc. The necessary condition for the visa-free border crossings -. It is the presence of Ukrainian passport + sample availability of biometric passports.

» What consequences can be there if I get caught at work without permits?
If you work without a work permit, in case of verification you can be deported and you will be fined.


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