» What are the requirements for knowledge of foreign languages?

You need a good spoken language - you need the ability to express your thoughts and understand the interlocutor.


 » Does your company help students in the host country?

These functions are performed by our partner organization in Germany - they provide a free telephone hotline, through which you can receive help or advice around the clock.


» Does the cost of participation in the program pay off?

Yes. All programs provide an opportunity to recoup the cost of participation in the in varying degrees. It's all depends on your desire and ability to work.


» Can I go with a friend to the same employer?

Yes, of course you can. Two or three participants will be together if they are ready to do the same tasks, start working at one time and have the same level of English. 


» How many hours per week can I work?

Usually, students work 35-40 hours per week.


» Will I have to pay taxes?

Yes, like any legally worker in Germany.


» How to get to the employer?

Independently. Our partner company can organize a trip from Kiev to major German cities. The cost is 60 euros. In Germany students travel by trains and buses.


» Where to keep money?

In the bank. On your account. And nowhere else.


» How to call home?

Skype, viber, vk, whatsapp, telegram - the most easy and convenient way to make calls abroad.


» How much money should I bring?

 You must bring enough money to pay for housing (if it is not free) and for meals during the first time in Germany. You need to have 200 euros on arrival in Germany


» Do I need to prepare for the interview at the Embassy?

Of course, it is necessary. We will contact you before and will help you to prepare for interviews. But everything will depend on you and your knowledges of German.


» Can I bring medicines from home?

It is necessary to take medicaments. In Germany a lot of medicines sold only by prescription and it is inconvenient and expensive. Put the right set of medications into the luggage. All medicines should be in the original packaging with instructions and if possible with recipes.


» What type of driver's license do I need in Germany to drive a car?

In most cases you need an international driver's license. Local office of transport management will provide you with more information.



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