In this issue we will answer the questions that future students and their parents usually ask us.


Why is it worth to choose Poland? If, for example, Germany, Great Britain, the USA and Canada are wealthier and more available.
Every country has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of Poland are:
1) Availability of education (for example, the cost of education in America or Great Britain starts from 15 000 – 20 000 USD per year) and low prices (according to the students' experience most of goods are cheaper and their quality is higher than in Russia or in Ukraine).
2) Easiness in admission. You need a minimal pack of documents for admission. You don't need any language certificate, preliminary examinations, certificates of having dozens of thousands USD on your bank account, expensive medical examination.
3) Possibility of being shifted into most of European universities. Due to the program Erasmus Mundus you have an opportunity to add to your syllabus education in other European country and other university. In other words you are studying in the University of Warsaw, for example, and you can go to the Sorbonne, university in Paris, to study there during one or two terms.
4) Possibility to work legally during the whole period of education.
5) Easy and clear prospects for emigration.
6) Similarity of cultures. It's very important that 95% of our students in Poland feel themselves like at home (according to surveys). Closeness of cultures and mentalities is so much important. Of course, you can get used to the Western countries, BUT most people WILL NEVER feel themselves like at home.
7) Closeness of the country. Thanks to the development of budget airlines you can reach the main cities of Poland by plain for 30 EUR at 1-2 hours.
8) Easiness in adaptation and syllabus. Due to the fact that the languages are very similar, a student can speak Polish quite fluently in 2-3 months after coming to Poland.


Why Poland is better than Slovakia or the Czech Republic, if they are more famous with its' education?
1) The economy of Poland is bigger than the Slovak or Czech ones, and correspondingly  there are more possibilities of placement and running business in Poland, because there are more companies and firms of different size there.
2) Polish language is much easier to study than Czech or Slovak language.
3) The mentality of Polish people is closer to Russian or Ukrainian one in comparing with Czech or Slovak mentalities.
4) The transport infrastructure as the whole and budget airlines in particular are developed better in Poland. Warsaw is a powerful aircentre which is connected with almost all European capitals.

Is it really to go to Poland for education?
It is absolutely rally!!! Dozens of thousands of Ukrainian students and students from the countries of CIS support this fact.

Is education in Poland only for very clever and rich people?
It's not like that. Education in Poland is available for everybody. It isn't more difficult to study there than in Ukrainian institutes of higher education, but it's more interesting and prospective. Even our mediocre students study there. When you understand what education can give you and which prospects you will have, education becomes more intersting.

What is necessary for admission into a Polish university?
The main requirement is presence of certificate of complete secondary education or diploma of bachelor/specialist/master. There are no age limits. The university entrants deliver documents in Ukraine without visiting Poland. There is no need in knowledge of Polish language during the process of admission. There are no preliminary examinations, the results of EIE are not used. Only educational documents are estimated: certificate, diploma and student's personal record during shifting.

How is admission into a Polish university realized?
1) Choose a Polish university and a specialty together with our consultant.
2) Gather documents (the whole list of documents we give in the issue How to become a student) and present them our company.
3) We translate and legalize all documents.
4) We present the student's pack of document the Polish university.
5) After checking the student's documents the university invoices to pay for education (1 term of the whole year).
6) You pay for education.
7) The university sends you a letter of your enrollment.
8) You go to the consulate of Poland with the pack of documents and letter and receive visa.
9) After getting visa we help you in solving the question of residence in Poland and buying a ticket.
10) You come to Poland and meet our representative. He helps you to accustom yourself there. He helps you in solving everyday problems.
11) Your start studying in you university.

What is included into the cost of your services on admission?
1. Assured and easy procedure of admission of our university entrants from the countries of CIS into a Polish university and moving to Poland for education.
2. Presenting the most complete and honest information about chosen university, circumstances of getting high education and rules of staying in Poland.
3. Work with the university chosen by the university entrant:
- correspondence and negotiations with the university on questions of admission;
- preparing documents for admission into the chosen university;
- guarantees in admission into the university and getting the confirmative reference of enrollment of the student;
- solving all possible problems with the university.
4. Work with the university entrant:
- providing with written clarification and consultations, co-ordination and signing the agreement with the University Entrant (or with parents);
- post consignment on home address of the original invitation to issue visa and move to Poland;
- meeting the client in Poland;
- help in currency exchange, exchange of travel cheques into Polish money, in buying season tickets, etc.;
- opening an account and getting a bank card in a Polish bank;
- connecting the client to the Polish mobile operator;
- help to the university entrant in searching hostel or room in a student flat;
- drawing up of necessary documents for enrollment and registration in Poland.
5. Preparing all necessary documents for getting residence permit in Poland.
6. Help in providing the client with annual medical assurance of a Polish assurance company, support in work with the assurance company of the university entrant.
7. Consultations on all aspects of life in Poland. In case of having some problems, the university entrant always can ask for help the colleagues from our office (you can contact us on telephone, e-mail or come to our office) during one month since the day of coming to Poland.

What diploma I will get after education in Poland?
In 3 years of education you will get diploma of Bachelor on chosen specialty. In 1,5-2 year of education more (the term depends on specialty and university) you will get diploma of Master.
You can get the grade of Master in any university of Europe, not obligatory in the same one where you've got diploma of Bachelor. All diplomas correspond absolutely to the standards of the European Union.

Can I study at MA course, if I have already diploma from Ukrainian university (CIS)?
Yes. With our help you can enter at once MA course on the base of high education you've got in Ukraine (CIS) and get European grade of Master on chosen specialty in 2 years of education.  You can chose study program for Master in Polish or English language.  

What documents are necessary for admission into a Polish university?
You will need the following principal documents for admission for Bachelor/Master:
1) Certificate of complete secondary education and enclosure to it (original).
2) Diploma of bachelor or specialist with enclosure to it (for admission MA course).
3) Copies of all pages of Ukrainian civil passport.
4) Copies of all pages of foreign passport / child's ticket (if there is).
5) Color photos – 8 pieces, size – 3,5*4,5 cm (left semiprofile, left ear cam be seen, not hidden with hair).
6) Medical reference for those who is entering universities (form 086-O).
7) Copies of parents' Ukrainian passports (for those, who are under age).
8) Copy of birth certificate (for those, who are under age).
It is a basic list of documents, which can differ on requirement of a concrete institute of higher education.

I'm a boy, what should I do with military service?
Forget. After enrollment you get a appropriate document from the university, which you  present in the military registration and enlistment office and you pull of the question of military service on the period of education.

How much is education in Poland?
The cost of education in Polish language begins from 800 EUR per year. On average the cost of education varies from 1 000 to 2 0000 EUR per year depending on university. Some universities offer free places for Ukrainian students who are ready to study in Polish language. However to get such place you need to pass competition and severe selection of the inspection board.
Education in English is a little bit more expensive, it is from 2000 to 3000 EUR per year depending on university. As opposed to the domestic universities you have an opportunity to pay for your education once a half of year of once a month in Poland, what is more convenient for people who don't have the whole sum at once.

Where do the students live during education in Poland?
There are two variants: hostel (campus) or to hire a flat (a room). Prices are approximately the same. Where, how and what they will eat. On average we can say that monthly expenses on foodstuff equals about 100 EUR.

Whether can students work during education? How much can they earn?
Students can earn additionally but only after getting residence permit which we help to get. Working additionally students can earn 300-500 EUR, it will be quite enough not only to meet their expenses but pay for education as well. During summer holidays students can participate exchange programs such as Work and Travel USA of Summer Practice in Germany. It's quite really to earn during this time enough money for a year of residence and education in Poland.

Is it easy to learn Polish?
It depends on a person and his capacities but on average people without any knowledge of Polish can speak quite fluently in 2-3 months after coming to Poland if they continuously talk to Polish people. But we recommend whether to learn Polish before coming or to go to Poland 2-3 months earlier, before  your education begins to learn Polish on preparatory language courses.

Can I study in Poland for free?
Theoretically you can. However you need to apply much more efforts for this than to earn 1000 EUR that you need to pay for annual education. That's why we don't recommend to rely upon free education.


Why I need to pay for your services?
If you have enough intensity for admission into a Polish university by yourself, of course you don't need any assistants. But even if a person does everything by himself, he saves not a great sum. Sometimes it can be even more expensive. It can be even if original documents of people who try to do everything by themselves are not delayed, lost, etc.



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