Education in Poland

Учеба в Польше

Today Poland is a bridge between Ukraine and the European Union. You can walk on the bridge and discover all the possibilities and perspectives available to Europeans. Dreaming of a career as an engineer in Germany, a doctor in the Netherlands or in Sweden programmer? All this is possible and achievable. You needed to take the first step - to get higher education in this beautiful country. Do not hesitate - the Polish education is your key to the doors of the western world!
Poland and Ukraine - are very similar in culture, traditions, mentality and language meanings. We share a long-standing shared history: for centuries Ukrainians and Poles lived side by side with each other in the territory of some states. Poland is one of the strongest and most developed countries in the world (among the top 25 largest world powers) in the XXI century. The country occupies the 8th place in terms of the economy and 6th place in terms of population in the European Union and plays a major role in Europe. Today Poland for Ukrainians - a bridge between our country and the European Union.

Higher education in Polandsince 1999 is integrated in the Bologna process, so most aspects of education are clear to our people. This applies to educational degrees, set of disciplines and faculties, knowledge assessment scale, the learning process and so on. Study in Poland for Ukrainians are very similar to a study in Ukraine, with the difference that education in Poland - a high quality, absence of corruption, and endless opportunities for students and graduates. Educational documents of our country, such as a certificate, bachelor's degree, master's / specialist, mutually supported by the Ministries of Education in Poland and Ukraine, and are considered equivalent. Therefore, Ukrainian graduates who want to pursue higher education in Poland, have the opportunity to do both at the bachelor and the master's degree. Since the education system in Poland and the Ukraine are similar - any graduate of the Ukrainian university can get the second higher education in Poland, on the basis of his Ukrainian diploma. It is also possible the option of education in Poland for Ukrainian students who are already studying in Ukraine. In this case, we made the transfer in the Polish university.

There are both public and private universities in Poland. State universities more eminent and conservative, Private - younger and more modern. If the advantage of the private university is a flexible approach and a good attitude to the student, then the state university - the name and the long-term reputation.

Fee-paying and free education in Poland for Ukranian students

Higher education in Poland for Ukrainians, mostly, is paid. Free education in Poland can receive only the students who have proven Polish roots (Pole's Card) or students who have proven high performance of the selection committee (for example, a bachelor's degree with Excellent results) and a good knowledge of Polish. Therefore, to receive free education in Poland for Ukrainians is not easy, but possible.

Cost of training in Poland is comparable with the cost of study in high schools in Kiev is an average of 1 500 EUR per year. The exact size of the cost of higher education in Poland depends on the university, specialty, faculty and the language in which the student will learn. The main language of education in Poland is Polish, but many universities offer educational programs in English as well. Note that in English studies in Poland cost twice as expensive than in Poland. Based on the experience of our company, we can say that the best option education in Poland for Ukrainians is to teach in a private high school in Polish.


Get higher education of the European level!

Polish universities are constantly working to improve the quality of education and the attraction of new students in the country, so much attention is paid to international internships and practice for students. The best students are able to study during 1 year at any university in Europe for free (or paying only the cost of education in Poland). In addition, the life in the center of Europe has a lot of advantages to enjoy. 2-3 years of study in Poland Ukrainian students go around the whole of Europe, because the prices of flights to Belgium, Holland, Norway and other European countries is 100-200 UAH. Students who study in Poland have the opportunity to live in comfortable dormitories or they can rent an apartment or a room. The cost of such housing ranges from 1200 UAH and above per month. In many ways, life in Poland is similar to Ukrainian, so students do not feel the distance and isolation from the homeland, and the availability of low-cost direct leads made house closer to the Ukrainians.

Following the example of Western youth, the majority of students trying to earn their own money for their studies in Poland. For this, there are many possibilities: the summer working on farms in Germany, in the resorts of Greece and Cyprus, in the hotels and restaurants of the US.

After graduating from high school Polish Ukrainians can stay to work in Poland or looking for work in the European Union, where the prospects for secure and happy life is much greater than in Ukraine. To achieve all this, you have to take the first step - to get higher education in Poland.

Do not hesitate - the Polish education is your key to the door to the Western world, and our company is your reliable assistant in this!




Below you can find the basic aspects of higher education in Poland, which is available to school leavers, students and graduates of Ukrainian universities.

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