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Our services cost is 500 EUR*!

* - the price depends on the specific set of services included in the package. More detailed description of the package can be found here.

With our help, you will be able to enter the Masters following Polish universities:




... as well as any other Polish university that you have chosen.

Poland is an active member of the Bologna Process, the aim of which was the creation of unification and harmonization of higher education systems in Europe. bachelor (undergraduate) and Master's (postgraduate): Subject to the provisions of the Bologna process, a two-tier system of education was introduced in Poland. Terms of training on Bachelor average of 3 years, with the Masters in Poland for Ukrainians lasts 1.5-2 years.
Due to the mutual recognition of diplomas between Ukraine and Poland to enter the Masters in Poland can be based on the bachelor's degree of any Ukrainian university. Polish universities do not require a bachelor's degree on a specialty coincides with the special master's in Poland, so the students are free to choose a specialty that they really taste and meets their aspirations.


In which language to study in magistracy?

Study in a magistracy in Poland can be both in Polish and English. In recent years, Polish universities are actively implementing English-language master's program, which attracts students from all over Europe. Many universities do not require a perfect knowledge of the Polish language for foreigners coming. Often, three months studying the Polish language in Ukraine, or one or two months in Poland is enough to start learning. Polish universities often go to meet the students and offer additional courses Polish language during their studies. In our experience of 6 months of active study of the Polish language the student is free to capture it.


About price

Study in Poland Masters at prices comparable with the cost of education in Ukraine is an average of 1,500 euros (in Polish) and 2,500 euros (in English). Note that the value of the Magistracy in Poland for Ukrainians is much lower than in most European countries. Expenditure on food, rental housing and transport in Poland is also lower than in most European Union countries, which makes the master's degree in Poland is very beneficial for the Ukrainians.
Students who have shown outstanding academic achievements in Ukrainian universities on a competitive basis can apply for free space in the master in the Polish state universities. This training in this case is possible only in Polish.
Our company will help you to go to graduate school in Poland in any university. To do this, you will not have to travel outside of your city and not visit Poland itself. Refer to the experts of our company, and we will help you solve all the problems associated with the receipt and a future life in Poland!


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