How to earn money for education


You have no 1000-10 000 dollars to pay for their studies? This problem is solved for the conventional lyubog not a lazy person. There are dozens of ways to make money on education.


You can while the students go on an exchange summer programms Work and Travel USA  - (work in the United States 3-5 months in the hotel and restaurant business with wages 1000-2000 dollars a month), Work and Travel Germany (Work in Germany in the hotel and restaurant businesses and farms with salaries 500-1500 euros per month) during the student also on vacation, you can go to work as an animator in the resort hotels in Greece and Turkey - they pay 400-600 dollars a month, or as a laborer to go to the factories, farms shops in Poland which also earn 400-600 dollars a month.


 If you are not a student you can go to work for 6-12 months in the hotel and restaurant business in the UAE such as bartender, the seller, waiter (wages from $ 500 to $ 1200 per month). If you know English at an average or above average level you can go to work on cruise ships (work as maids, waiters, sellers, bartenders with a salary of 1000-1500 dollars per month). In China, you can work as an English teacher and receive the same 1000-1500 dollars a month. In Poland, the choice of vacancies is not limited at all. Jobs range from agricultural work to the work of engineers and programmers. On average, in a month people get 500-600 dollars.


There is also an option at the same time and work and study - Au Pair EUROPE. There you live in a family, learn and work as a nanny in children and earn money (400-500 euros per month).


In all of these variants any person can earn and save 500-1000 dollars a month. Collect yourself to education, anyone can for 6 months. Apart from the fact that at the end of work you will have in your pocket 4000-10 000 dollars, you will improve the knowledge of foreign languages, poputeshestvuete and get used to living abroad. One has only to want.




P.S. If you still do not believe that everything is absolutely real for every person, then here are a few stories of people who had no money to study, but it is very wanted and went to work first and then learn.