High quality of life in the western cuntries

European countries have long established themselves as a developed and economically stable state with excellent indicators of GDP. In them are the minimum level of unemployment and crime, as well as quality of life and opportunities for citizens.


European universities have long been renowned for their high academic standards, cutting-edge research and the best ratio of invested funds and the quality of the education. Thirty-one out of a hundred universities listed in the ranking of the best universities in the world, published by the Times newspaper in 2012, are located in Europe, making it the second largest center of higher education after the United States.


In order to appreciate the high level of salaries in foreign countries, we consider the wages in some of them:

  • USA. The average salary not only for state, but in general for all the country's workers in the US is $ 3263 per month. The minimum monthly salary - $ 1030. The concept of a living wage in the US is not used, and the consumer basket is calculated for each region separately and only for a certain standard of living - wage and social benefits from it does not depend.
  • United Kingdom. The average monthly salary in the UK is £ 1917 when the minimum wage in the amount of £ 1005.33. The minimum subsistence level in the province is about 200, in London about 15% more. The average consumer basket cost the Briton around £ 400 per month.
  • France. The average monthly salary in France is € 2256. Minimum wage - € 1343,77 per month. Living wage in France is an income of not less than 50% of the average wage in the country. Consumer basket in France costs € 137 per week.
  • Germany. The average salary of a German worker is € 2126 per month. The minimum monthly salary in Germany first introduced only in 2014, and it is € 8.5 per hour. Thus, the usual € 40 hour week at the minimum wage will cost € 340 employer. In the month comes around € 1400. The average monthly consumer basket in Germany is € 400-500. The subsistence minimum set by the authorities at € 646 per person.

For comparison, the average salary in Ukraine is about 3,400 hryvnia per month. The minimum wage - 1218 hryvnia per month. The monthly minimum subsistence level set in 1176 hryvnia. This figure is calculated from the value of the minimum consumer basket and coincides with it.

European clinics provide services for the treatment of a plurality of directions, using highly therapy, surgery, rehabilitation. The absence of queues, the use of modern techniques, high quality equipment, fast diagnostics - all the benefits of treatment in Europe.
In the developed Western countries, the pension above. They allow pensioners to travel west, to buy medicines, to indulge in the necessary things. If western pensioner, for example, received a salary of 1,000 euros, his pension will amount to 500-700 euros.
In Europe, young families to public housing provided free of charge, if they are anywhere else do not own property.

Interest rates on loans in Europe is much lower than in our country. Europeans, Americans and Japanese are living on credit. They take loans for everything: housing, school, car. Every American in the wallet at least five credit cards. At the same time people do not feel the severity of the credit burden, referring to payments on loans, as we do, for example, to pay for the communal. Loans are issued in America by 4-5% per annum. Credit for the purchase of housing in a European country can be issued under the following percentages: UK - 2%, France - 2%, Spain - 3%, Italy - by 3.5%.