Free education in the USA

Study?! Free?! In USA?! It`s possible!!! There are many options and programs for which you can study for free, get a scholarship, grant or discount on tuition fees. Below, we consider the possibility that can use every student!

Financial aid.

Almost every college, university in the US offers financial aid to foreign students. Financial іsupport is a full or partial exemption from payment of tuition fees. Financial support does not cover student accommodation or food - only to study! As a rule, financial support may receive students from disadvantaged groups, smart students who do not have funds to pay for his studies, and others. Not everybody can get financial support! Requirements and procedures for granting bailout each college determines on an individual basis! It can be from 20% to 100% exemption from payment of school.

Grant programms.

Grant is a loan, wich you don`t need to come back, from the government, private foundations and organizations. Each grant program has its own requirements, defines the requirements for the participants and the direction in which it is possible to get grants. The most popular grant programs:

  • Fulbright Foundation – provides scholarships for graduate and post-graduate students in the humanities, engineering, precision, and social disciplines. Legal, medical and economic fields, including areas such as business, marketing, management, accounting, and others. Do not take part in the preparation of Fulbright grant.
  • UGRAD – cultural exchange program of the US Department of State to study at the American University undergraduate non-degree. Program duration 6 months. UGRAD cover the cost of studying at the University, housing, meals, medical insurance, visa and travel expenses! This program is available to students of 1-3 courses of national universities, which have a high level of English (TOEFL test confirmed) high achievers in major subjects, participation in volunteer activities and have leadership potential. The program requires that all students from Ukraine will not only study at US universities, but also to participate in cultural activities and volunteer programs in America!
  • Opportunity Funds Program – grant program supported by the US Department of State and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. This grant a student can use to cover the cost of translation and preparation of documents for the receipt, delivery of documents, visa costs, air tickets, transportation costs, testing costs, which are associated with it. However, this grant does not cover the cost of studying at the institute / college USA!


Scholarships from the US government and other countries, organizations, universities, research scholarships, athletic scholarships, and others. Scholarships are awarded only to the best students, not all universities offer scholarships to foreign students, but also those who provide, quite a lot. Scholarships can only get students meet these requirements. The main requirement to all participants - a knowledge of the English language at a high level (100 and above - TOEFL; 6,5-7 and higher IELTS) and proof of your successes and achievements. For example, the students applying for sports scholarships must submit certificates, diplomas, medals, video, confirming participation in international and national competitions and really good results in some form of sport.

Many Ukrainian students wishing to obtain a Master's degree (Master), or to defend his dissertation and obtain the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) study free of charge and receive a fairly high scholarship! As a Master's degree in the United States is comparable to our PhD - it is considered a scientific degree. A prerequisite is to participate in scientific discoveries, research and teaching activities. Typically, graduate students and Phd in addition to the basic training involved and work on campus as teaching assistants, for which he received a salary of such sizes: Graduate students - an average of $ 800 per month, Phd - $ 1,500 per month.

Of course, you have to be realistic and understand that not everyone Ukrainian student can stude for free! But the list of opportunities to get discounts, scholarships, aid and grants is quite large, and choose the option individually for each student - is real !!! The main thing is to make an effort (at least in the English language) and to believe that American education is available to everyone !!!

Here is some advice to all students how to improve their chances of obtaining financial assistance, rebates, grants and scholarships from US universities:

  • Provide proof that you need it!
  • First of all colleges look to the academic progress of the future student! If you are always get low mark and you have an average English, the chances of getting a scholarship or finansial help you have less.
  • Attach to the documents accompanying the letter in which you explain why you deserve exemption from payment of school.
  • Besides cover letters all your achievements will be considered ...
  • Show that you can at least partially pay for study.
  • Learn English! A high level on the TOEFL exam, IELTS, SAT or ACT (if required) will show that you are a student, make every effort to obtain the American education and achieve your dreams.
  • Do not put off preparing for entrance. Applications for scholarships, grants and rebates begins a year before the desired date of commencement of study! For example, the process of obtaining full scholarships UGRAD takes several steps for submission of documents, recommendations, interviews and review of documents can last 3 to 9 months. Do not allow your chances decreased only because of the late submission of any documents!

Our company will help you get funding for tuition in the United States. Refer to the professionals and let us work together to carry out your dreams of high-quality American education!



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