Free education in Poland

Education in Poland is one of the most popular destinations for Ukrainian students annually go to Poland to study thousands of Ukrainian students. And it should be noted that not everyone knows about the possibilities of free education in Poland.

First of all, opportunities for free education is available to owners of Polish Card. Owners Pole cards are entitled to study free of charge at public universities in the Polish language education, all public high schools provide such opportunities. Among the most popular state universities are leading the Warsaw University of Technology, Wroclaw, Jagiellonian, Lublin Polytechnic, University of Silesia. Given that the majority of residents of the Western regions have the card of the Pole or the ability to get them - a lot of Ukrainians have a chance to study in Poland for free or qualify for a scholarship. Owners Pole cards offer discounts and scholarships not only in public but also in private institutions, such as the Polish-Japanese Academy, the Academy of Economics in Radom, and others.

Learn for free Ukrainians also be on the master state universities. The number of quotas for free parking at the universities of 1-3 in each faculty. Requirements for applicants - knowledge of the Polish language, a high level of assessments in the bachelor's degree. Availability of diplomas, certificates, participation in competitions, sports achievements - will only increase your chances of getting a free place. Get a free place - is absolutely real!

It is also free parking on a competitive offer for the Ukrainians at the undergraduate and some universities, such as scholarship programs provided by universities in Katowice, Silesian University, and others. The number of places on such programs is limited (1-2).

Applications for all the free training options (Undergraduate, Graduate, and grant programs) - are taken in advance. As a rule, accept applications ends in the month of May. To reserve a place and have more choices and higher education institutions and a greater chance of getting specialties - applications must be submitted in the autumn with the aim of training in the autumn semester of the next academic year.

It is also worth noting that students can not only learn for free, and / or to receive a scholarship. Basically, there are scholarships for academic excellence, sporting achievements, social (for students from low-income families, people with disabilities), as well as scholarships academics, the Polish government (for example, the Minister of Education scholarship) and Rector's Scholarship, and many others. Scholarships Poland start from 200 and to 700 Euro per month (depending on the type of grant program). This will allow you not only have a monthly income, but also completely cover the housing costs and food in Poland.

The most prestigious scholarship - a scholarship Rector Scholarship of the Minister of Education of Poland, etc. The main types of scholarships are available only to cardholders of the Pole, but for Ukrainians without cards also have options and to receive discounts and scholarships.. The universities offer scholarships to French, German, and Japanese government scholarships, such as the name of L. Kirkland, name of Queen Jadwiga, name of S. Banach, and others.

Requirements for the scholarship:

  • the presence of Polish Card (if you are applying for a scholarship of the Polish government, etc., providing the presence of the card.);
  • proficiency in the Polish language (confirmed by the certificate or the results of the state certification exams for Polish);
  • high GPA certificate / diploma, as a rule from 4.5 (on a 5-point scale);
  • diplomas, certificates, medals, confirming an active social, sports activities, as well as participation in a social institution / school life.

Every Ukrainian has a chance not only to get a quality European education in Poland, but also to receive scholarships or fully exempt from paying tuition fees! The main thing - the desire and commitment!

In our turn we in an individual approach to each of our clients and help you choose an inexpensive or free option, according to your wishes and possibilities!

We can help you realize all your plans on the way to a dream!



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