Cost of study in Poland

Every year quantity of Ukrainian students, who study at universities in Poland, are growing up. Education in this country has a number of indisputable advantages, among which are high quality, and excellent prospects after graduation, as well as reasonable cost of education.


Average tuition fees at universities in Poland is:

2500 - 3500 EUR per year.


Speaking about the cost of education in Poland, you should consider some basic aspects of which depends directly on the value of learning.


Factors that influence the cost of education in Poland:

 1. City
 2. University
 3. Type of Education program
 4. Speciality
 5. Language of Education


Briefly tell about each item listed above.


City. The cost of studying in Poland different from city to city. As a rule, it is higher in large cities such as Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk and lower in smaller cities such as Szczecin, Białystok, Rzeszów.

University. Study in Poland, where the price is readily available in the public universities for foreigners, to which we - the Ukrainians, starts from EUR 2000 per year and up. This value is limited by law, so the lower prices will not find - just above. In private universities the cost of education is lower than in the state. This is due to competition for students. In addition, the cost of education affects the profile of the university, its reputation. For example, training at Warsaw University of Technology is one of the most expensive in the country, but this university is considered the best technical university in Poland.


Тype of Education program. As a rule, the cost of education on-graduate programs is slightly higher than bachelor. For students of Ukrainian universities, who have shown outstanding academic achievements in the homeland, have diplomas with honors, is available free of charge training in Poland in the magistracy on the basis of competition.

Speciality. Specialties for which there is high demand, such as IT, medicine, law, economics and others are more expensive than those for which demand is less.

Language of Education. In Poland, the main language of learning is Polish, so the cost of training programs in the Polish language is much lower than in English.

On the average, the cost of education in Poland is:

  • in Polish private university - 800-2500 EUR per year;
  • in English – 2500-3500 EUR per year.

Programs in English offered not all universities in Poland, although the quantity of such programs is growing every year.



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