Ukraine, according to statistics, is almost the largest number of educated people in the world. The percentage of people with higher education - one of the highest in the world. Each year, are produced from high schools - the tens of thousands of engineers, doctors, pharmacists, architects, research assistants and other professionals. However, according to statistics, only 15-20% of people work in the future by profession, received at the university.


Main reason for this:

Low salaries.

The man who studied for 5-6 years at the University got a job on a specialty mostly receives a salary not to exceed $ 100-200. To live a young man without a housing, for this amount, is quite difficult, so the salary is completely kills the desire and motivation to work and develop.


Lack of jobs.
In Ukraine remained the higher education system of the Soviet Union, but for the whole industry for which were studied these professionals - has disappeared. All factories, production, institutions which need the thousands of engineers, professionals - have either disappeared or are in poor condition and there is not need for new employees.


Will the situation change in the next 5-10 years?

Unfortunately, we can say for sure, that no. According to the most optimistic forecasts for the next 5-7 years, the average salary in Ukraine will grow up to 400-500 dollars. Unfortunately, the problem of low salaries will not solved. Thousands of new large factories will not appear, because it is a long process and we do not have the investment attractiveness. Accordingly, thousands of new modern places for young engineers, aircraft designers and other professionals will not appear.


How to build interesting career and earn decent money?!

Fortunately or unfortunately currently the only way - is CAREER ABROAD.

To build a career abroad, there are two ways - to get education in Ukraine, and then try to get a work contract for example in the USA, Germany or Canada. Or get an education in the country in which you want to work and are already in place to find a job. The first way - is very, very difficult. Just for the statistics, in this way build a career abroad, only 10-15% of our countrymen.


Why is it difficult to get a good job abroad with Ukrainian education and citizenship? 

  • Foreigners do not know the language perfectly. How would people not teach a foreign language, but the only constant daily practice over a long period of time allows anyone to learn and improve language skills up to the level of a native speaker. It is possible only in conversational environment.
  • Ukrainian diplomas for the most part are not recognized abroad. Formally, of course we have with many countries the contract on the recognition of diplomas, but in practice - it does not work.
  • To recruit a citizen of another country and do for him all necessary documents for obtaining a work visa, the employer need to pass hundreds of bureaucratic procedures and to pay a large sum for the registration of all documents.
  • Невозможно лично увидеть человека и провести собеседование.


Just one available to everybody way of construction career in developed countries - getting education there

You do not have to go to get higher education. You can start with college or even language courses. It is easier from financial terms and in learning. If you get local education, you will have all chances to get into the best companies in the world such as Facebook, Microsoft, Google, BMW, Airbus, Siemens.


It's not just nice words, is true stories of simple young people who have already gone!