A residence and way of life are in foreign Institutions of higher learning


Students live in hostels or they rent a flat / room. Hostels in Poland are not like in our country. From 1 to 3 persons live in each room, upkeep is made there, which we could call a “fundamental” one, there is a shower, internet, hot and cold water. The cost of living in the hostel is from 70 to 120 EUR per month, it depends on the quality of the hostel. You can rent a room in a three-room flat, for example, paying the same sum. It's more interesting and easier to live in a hostel, and you learn the language quicker there. But educational process is going more difficult because of the same reasons. It's more comfortable, more convenient and easier to live in a flat. Living in a flat a person gets used to adult life, to the fact that he needs to expend a part of his budget to rent a lodging. He gets used to self-dependence. It is an additional advantage that you can choose a flat in the district you like.

Underworking / Season work

Most of students study and work at the same time with the purpose to earn money for their needs. Hourly rate for work, for example, of a promoter in a supermarket is 2-3 EUR. Such an underworking lets a student to cover all his expends in the country.
During long (3-4 months) summer holidays most of students, following the example of the European youth tries to earn money to pay for their education of next year. As a rule, students work at season works in Poland, Germany, Finland, the USA. It is possible due to  free moving around the states of the EU for the students who are studying in Poland.
On average payment of one hour of work is:
- Europe – 5-7 EUR;
- the USA – 7-9 USD.

Residence permit

Residence permit (Polish Card) is a juridical document which confirms the legitimacy of residence in this country, in other words residence permit. It is necessary to have it to work legally in Poland.
Just to study in Poland it's enough to have an ordinary student visa, given by the consulate of Poland in Ukraine.



A student expends for alimentation approximately the same sum as he expends at homeland. Prices are comparable. In this question everything depends on a person. Where, how and what he will eat. On average we can say that monthly expends on alimentation are about 100 EUR. Prices on foodstuff in Poland are the same as in Russia / Ukraine, and sometimes even a little bit lower. You can have dinner in a cheap cafe for 2-3 EUR.




Polish public transport is developed at a high level. There are bus, tram tracks and  underground. All transport goes according to the time-table, there is a time-table of all tracks, a map of transport movement at each station, also it is written there which kind of transport comes at what time.
You need to buy a ticket in the booth to go by public transport. You need to punch the ticket in the transport mean in a special slot-machine in other case you will have to pay a fine. All tickets are universal, there is no division between different kinds of transport. There are several kinds of tickets depending on duration of movement or term of being in operation of the ticket (20 minutes, 40 minutes, 24 hours, week, etc.).

Student ticket

Students have an opportunity to buy a season ticket for a month for going by all kinds of public transport (tram, bus, underground). Cost of a season ticket for a month with unlimited number of trips is about 50 PLT.







Before going abroad students are to draw up medical policy insurance. Medical policy insurance is to be available at the territory of all member-states of the Schengen Agreement with the sum of defrayal not less than 30 000 EUR for emergence medical services, urgent hospitalization, deportation (the term of the policy insurance being in operation has to include the whole period of the first planned trip). You need to pay the corresponding policy insurance once a year, the sum is between 450 and 1100 UAN.




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