About program

Advantages of the program:

  • The practice of working in another country;
  • The ability to integrate into the daily life of a new culture;
  • An opportunity to live and work in another country;
  • Studying spoken German;
  • Holidays and traveling around Germany and all the countries of Schengen;
  • The opportunity to earn money for studying at the university, buy modern gadgets, make a new trip, etc.



  • Good knowledge of German (level B1);
  • Be aged 18-35 at the time of starting work;
  • Be full-time student in university (university, institute, academy, conservatory, college or college).


The cost of the program includes:

  • Searching a job;
  • Preparation all documents;
  • Translation of documents;
  • Interviewing and testing of the German language;
  • Preparation of documents for obtaining a visa;

The cost of the program does not include:

  • Travel to Germany and back (100 euros);
  • Visa fee (35 + 18.5 euros).
  • Medical insurance (70 euros)


Required documents:

1. Documents for registration:

  • Ukrainian passport;
  • Identification code;
  • TRAVEL passport;
  • Student ID;
  • A completed application form.

2. The documents for participation:

  • A completed application form in German (available now);
  • Photos 3.5 * 4;
  • Student certificate from the university in German (3 copies);
  • A copy of the language certificate (if available); 
  • Copy of driver's license (if available).


Program Dates:

Summer: May - September.
Winter: from December to March.


Types of work:

Usually, students are invited for working into big cities, suburbs and resort towns, where are many tourists from different countries. You will be able to work in the restaurant, hospitality industry or the service sector.
Program Members receives a place of work for the employer's distribution.

1. For students with low level of German - work in the sphere of agriculture, job connected with the collection of:

  • strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc .;
  • vegetables;
  • fruit: cherry, etc .;
  • work in greenhouses.

Working conditions:

  • 8 working hours;
  • 7-8 euros per hour or from production (per kg);
  • housing 300 euros.

2. For students with a high level of German, we offer the following vacancies:

  • Restaurants: service, cashiers, waiters;
  • Counselor for children in the summer camp;
  • Amusement Parks: ice cream seller, аmusement worker;
  • Housekeepers;
  • Work in leisure complexes and restaurants.

Working conditions:

  • 8 hours;
  • 8 euros per hour;
  • 300 euros housing.

The final confirmation of vacancy will depend on the interview results.


Cost of participation:

  • 300 euros.



  • Minimum salary for students is from 8€ per hour, with good knowledge of German you can earn more. The average income per month with 30-40 working hours per week is €1000-1400.


The process of registration:

Our office is located in Kharkiv (Ukraine). What is the proceedure:

  • You need to contact us in any way (phone, email, VKontakte, Skype) and confirm that you are ready to go to Germany;
  • We sign a contract with you and you pay the first payment (EUR 100);
  • We make a resume with you (it's require a photo in full growth);
  • Together we fill out the application form for participation in the program: for this you will need a video during 1 minute in German, where you need to describe your wish to participate in the program Work and Travel Germany;
  • We check your level of German;
  • Choose position/vacancy for you;
  • We help you to pass an interview in German with a representative of a German agency;
  • After the acception you pay the second part of the program's cost;
  • We prepare a package of documents for obtaining a visa (You can get a visa in the nearest major city like Kharkiv, Lviv, Kyiv);
  • After getting a visa you'll going to the job аt the appointed time!



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