Internship in USA

Advantages of the program:

  •     the practice of working in a specialty in another country;
  •     the opportunity to join the daily life of a new culture;
  •     improving the level of English;
  •     the opportunity to live and work independently in another country;
  •     rest and travel America and not only;
  •     the opportunity to make money on travel, life in America buying modern gadgets, etc.

Requirements for a candidate:

  •     Age of participants - 18-30 years
  •     To be a student of 2-5 courses and young specialists (those who did not get a diploma more than 1 year ago)
  •     Knowledge of English at a free level (verified by test and interview)
  •     Education corresponds to the field of internship!

What is included in the price:

  •     Consulting services;
  •     Checking the English language;
  •     Job-offer (when filing for the program Full placed)
  •     Preparation of documents, questionnaires and their translations into English for employment;
  •     Preparation of a package of documents for the opening of a visa;
  •     Entry to the US Embassy;
  •     Medical insurance;
  •     Release of the form DS-2019 (work permit);
  •     Preparation for departure to the USA;
  •     Predosolsky and pre-meeting seminars;
  •     Assistance in the selection and booking of air travel
  •     Continuous support (24/7) to program participants throughout the duration of the program

What is NOT included:

  •     The cost of the flight and the journey to the place of work;
  •     Accommodation and meals during the duration of the program;
  •     Visa fee - $ 160.
  •     Collection SEVIS - 180 dollars.

Required documents:

  •     International passport;
  •     Ukrainian passport;
  •     INN;
  •     Student's card and student's certificate (if student);
  •     Resume in English;
  •     Documents on education with a certified translation;
  •     2 letters of recommendation (from teachers or employers) in English or with a certified translation into English;
  •     Confirmation of work experience (if more than 1 year has passed since the end of the university) with certified translation into English;
  •     Video about myself

Terms of the program:

  •    6-18 months. Registration for the program is held throughout the year.

Types of program:

  •     Hospitality and Tourism Internship
  •     Management, Business, Commerce and Finance Internship
  •     IT Internship.

It is forbidden to work as:

  •     Unskilled labor (without education)
  •     Care of children, elderly, direct work with patients

Cost of participation:

  •     6 months: $3000 - Full Placed; $2000 - Self Placed
  •     12 months: $3600 - Full Placed; $2600 - Self Placed

There are paid and unpaid internship places. Salary depends on the vacancy. The average wage is 600 - 2000 dollars per month.

What is the application process:

  •     Signing an agreement with our company;
  •     Payment of registration fee;
  •     Providing the student with a package of documents;
  •     Signing an agreement with a sponsoring organization;
  •     Payment of the 1st installment for the program;
  •     Preparation of documents for employment;
  •     Test of English;
  •     Interviewing and selection of vacancies;
  •     Payment of the 2nd installment for the program;
  •     Obtaining a package of documents for obtaining a visa;
  •     Entry to the US Embassy;
  •     Reception of the visa;
  •     Preparation for departure, purchase of air tickets.
  •     Hooray! You can start your program Internship USA!

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